The Escort's Rule Book: Five Things You Need to Live By

As an Orrell escort, you'd want every client to treat you with the same amount of respect as other regular workers. But you can only achieve that if you follow these five things at all times:

1. Set the right first impressions.

You'd want your first contact with the client to be as professional as possible. Be polite on the phone and think of every call as a business deal that you need to close.

2. Stick to your rates.

Most Orrell escorts already have fixed rates set by the agency, but some clients may still want to bargain with you during the booking process. Be firm and stick to your rates. Remember that you're not a prostitute but a professional escort Orrell. If a client can't afford your services, let him find other Orrell escorts to book. You have to maintain that standard that you've set so clients learn to respect you as a professional.

3. Arrive at your meeting place early.

It's a general rule for Orrell escorts to be at the meeting place at least 10 minutes before the agreed time. This will give you the opportunity to scan the place for potential dangers and prepare yourself for the appointment ahead. Nothing disappoints a client more than an Orrell escort arriving late and already stressed.

4. Always communicate with your client.

Although most clients will treat you right, some would still expect you to do everything they want. Remember that before booking your services, you already agreed on what you can and cannot offer. If he asks you to do something that you're not comfortable with, tell him right away. Maybe he's just pushing his luck, but don't let him be.

5. Never argue with a drunk client.

So, you want out to have a few drinks and your client ends up being so intoxicated that he starts being aggressive or extra cosy with you. Never argue with him because it can often fuel his temper. If a client is too drunk to deal with you properly, just make excuses and leave.