Excellent Reviews

The Art of Good Company: Tricks to Getting Excellent Escort Reviews

All escorts know that it takes more than a beautiful face to thrive in such a highly competitive industry as escorting.

In fact, you need to take advantage of every single opportunity you get to attract new clients, build a strong customer base and maintain the hype from your current clientele. If you ask any escort out there, one of the best ways to do it is through excellent reviews and we have the tricks for you:

Be honest with your service.

Of course, no client likes to pay for a service he never gets. So, make sure that you are willing to offer the services that you put in your profile to guarantee excellent reviews from clients. A lot of escorts make the mistake of overselling themselves online and end up disappointing clients who will never book them again.

Be unforgettable.

Whether you're the first or tenth escort your client has booked, you have to make his experience with you unforgettable. Don't be afraid to ask your client about his expectations for your appointment.

Is he taking you out as his date to an event? Are you spending time together privately? Does he have any fetishes that he'd like to fulfill? When you know exactly what your client wants, it's easier to satisfy him, which could also lead to excellent reviews.

Be straightforward.

Most men who book escorts are entrepreneurs or executives who are used to leading in their careers. So, they would highly appreciate someone who can let them take a day off and lead them even for a day. Being straightforward without being rude, means that you can take control of the situation. You won't only get excellent reviews for it, but you'll also find clients who will be loyal to you.

Finally, don't be afraid to ask your clients for excellent reviews. Ask your loyal customers to write, short but structured excellent reviews about your service on your website or social media platform. These clients will surely be more than willing to write a good comment or two that other potential clients can see and help them decide in choosing you as their next escort.