What Makes a Good Escort Advertisement?

Escorting is essentially like any other business. No matter how good your product or services are, none of that would matter if you don't have proper marketing strategies in place. After all, the world of Pendlebury escorts is very competitive. So if you want to stand out, you have to find ways to be known as one of the best in the business. But what really makes a good Pendlebury escort advertisement?

Real photographs

A lot of Pendlebury escorts are so desperate to get attention that they resort to using fake photographs just to make themselves look attractive to clients. Some edit their photos drastically to hide their flaws while some even use the photos of other women for their profiles.  But if you really want to last long in this industry, you have to be real with your profile, especially with your photographs. You can't walk into an appointment looking differently from your photos and end up disappointing your client.

A range of shots

One of the best ways to stand out as a Pendlebury escort is to offer variety to clients. When taking photos for your profile make sure that you give clients a sneak peek of you in different settings. You can take full body shots wearing lingerie, a bikini, a dress, a gown and even a pair of jeans. This allows potential clients to see the real you, which is what a lot of them are looking for these days.

Compelling captions

Aside from attractive photos, you also need to convince potential clients through compelling captions. A good escort Pendlebury advert should contain text that would stimulate the imagination of potential clients. You have to be specific with the services that you offer and use keywords like girlfriend experience, submissive or even naughty to really catch the attention of men who are looking for these experiences. It also makes you easy to see in search engines.

Finally, you need to provide all the right information on your profile including your email address and other contact information. You can't waste a potential booking by providing the wrong phone number.