Make Him Last Longer in Bed With These Five Simple Tricks

As a Littleborough OL15 escort, you've had your share of clients who are done before you even get started. But you can actually avoid the disappointment by helping your client last longer in bed with these five simple-but tried and tested-tricks:

Manage your expectations.

According to a study, women expect sex to be longer than it actually is. But in truth, you can't pull an all-nighter with your client even if he's the hottest one you've had. As a Littleborough OL15 escort, you should focus on the experience of your client rather than the duration of your escapade.

Build the heat. Some clients are so invested in having sex that they want to jump right into the main event. But experienced Littleborough OL15 escorts know how to take things slow and build the heat as the night progresses. Do some vigorous foreplay and take your time before getting into the real action. This will make sex more satisfying because you get to experience the tension build up eventually leading to an amazing orgasm.

Experiment on positions. If you want to satisfy your client, you can't just rely on your good, old missionary. As an escort Littleborough OL15, you have to learn different sex positions and try them during your appointments. According to experts, switching positions could delay orgasm while offering both parties the best sexual experience possible.

Do your exercise. Being a Littleborough OL15 escort means keeping yourself in shape at all times, and that includes your vagina. If you've heard of Kegels, this exercise helps improve the strength of your pelvic floor muscles, which in turn gives you better orgasms. And according to a study by the European Association of Urology in Stockholm, these simple exercises help improve premature ejaculation in most men after 12 weeks.

Take breathers during sex. No Littleborough OL15 escort can last all night without taking a breather during sex. If you want to delay orgasm or make the sex last longer, you can take breaks like drinking water, getting a massage or simply just cuddling.

Try these five tricks on your next escort Littleborough OL15 appointment and you'll surely get a better experience with your client.