Travelling With a Client? Here's Your Holiday First Aid Essentials

One of the biggest perks of being a Golborne Wa3 escort is the opportunity to travel the world for free. You get to stay in fancy hotels, eat at five-star restaurants and even shop in luxurious hotels.  But you have to remember that you're still travelling as an escort Golborne Wa3 so you have to be prepared with these holiday first aid essentials for those little emergencies that could affect your work:


Whether you're jetting off to sunny Ibiza or beautiful Maldives, you can never forget to bring sunblock with at least SPF 30. All Golborne Wa3 escorts know the importance of proper skincare and applying sunblock should be a basic routine, especially if you want to get a tan under the sun.

Insect repellant

Clients love to travel to tropical countries because it gives them the chance to escape the cold weather at least for a while. But being in a tropical country also means having your share of insects and bugs.  So, it's a rule for every Golborne Wa3 escort to bring insect repellant at all times. If you're prone to allergies, make sure to bring antihistamine too in case you get bitten by an insect.

Eye drops

Travelling as an escort Golborne Wa3 could mean getting on those long haul flights after attending to some appointments. Aside from the jet lag, you may also experience red and dry eyes that could easily ruin your looks and mood.  But since you always need to look your best as a Golborne Wa3 escort, it's very important to keep some eye drops in your purse, especially if you're wearing contacts.

If you also need to get some much-needed sleep but you're having a hard time fighting jet lag, you can pop some melatonin tablets. Make sure to consult your doctor, however, to know how often you need to take the tablets and when you should take them.  Of course, you can't forget about the dreaded diarrhoea, which is one of the biggest hassles of travelling as a Golborne Wa3 escort. Never forget to bring some Imodium tablets and rehydration sachets with you during your trip to deal with this unfortunate situation.