The Most Unusual Terms You'll Find When Booking an Escort

The escort service industry is thriving. With a more accepting society and leaner regulations, it's now easier to book Bury BL0 escorts, whether you need a date to an event or just want to have a good time. When booking a Bury BL0 escort, however, you might find these unusual terms and abbreviations that you should learn about:

Bareback (BB): This means having sex without a condom, which most Bury BL0 escorts don't agree to because it's unsafe and unhealthy for them.

Ageplay: During an intimate encounter, either the Bury BL0 escort or the client pretends to be younger than their actual age to fulfill a fantasy.

Envelope: When paying for the services of a Bury BL0 escort, a client usually places the money in an envelope, which will be placed somewhere in the room and not handed directly to the escort Bury BL0.

Flake: This is used by most Bury BL0 escorts to describe a client who has bad behaviour. This includes those who don't show up to appointments or rude clients who don't show respect to their escort Bury BL0.

Mileage: It is used to describe the level of service that a Bury BL0 escort offers. Good mileage means she charges well or offers more than what's expected of her.

Pillow queen: Clients use this term to refer to Bury BL0 escorts who just want to be at the receiving end of sex and not do much.

Russian: Also popularly known as a “quickie,” this means having a quick sexual encounter.

Upselling: This usually happens when a Bury BL0 escort agrees to a premium fee during the booking process but suddenly charges more during the appointment for any additional services that she'd like to offer to a client.

Screening: It's a general rule for all Bury BL0 escorts to do a background check of a new client to make sure that they are trustworthy enough to be accepted. Screening could also be used by agencies in checking new escorts Bury BL0.

Off the clock: Although rarely offered, some escorts Bury BL0 would gladly add services to clients they like without asking for an additional charge.

As you continue to explore the world of escorting, you'll surely find these terms handy.