Tall Escorts

The Tall Escort's Guide to Looking Fashionable Every Time

Looking good comes with the territory of being a tall escort. With hundreds of other women out there competing for the attention of clients, it's very important to look your best at every appointment to help set the right impressions and make you more memorable for future bookings. But when you're a tall escort, looking fashionable can sometimes become a problem. So, we gathered some useful tips to help you look good every single time:

Embrace your height.

A lot of tall escorts find it intimidating to be taller than their clients, but that shouldn't be the case. The first—and most important—step to looking good is to embrace your height and use it to your advantage.

Know your measurements.

Your height should actually be the least of your worries when dressing up. You have to understand your body type first to make it easier to choose the right outfits that will flatter you. Take measurements and know what your best features are.

Invest in the basic garments.

Although your work as a tall escort would require you to dress up in most occasions, you also need basic wardrobe items that you can mix and match with more flattering pieces. Fashion experts suggest that if you find a brand that creates clothes that work well with your height and silhouette, try to buy several pieces from that brand to form your foundational garments. You can then experiment with different cuts and styles as you continue to build your wardrobe.

Choose your accessories wisely.

Being one of the tall escorts means that you will easily stand out from the rest of the girls. While this can be an advantage, it can also mean that clients will easily notice the flaws in your outfit. Choosing accessories has always been a debate not only for tall escorts but also average women. The trick here is to match your accessories so you have a more cohesive outfit. If you're using a red purse, go for a pair of red heels. It's also very important to keep your jewellery to a minimum so your client will not be distracted.

Are you ready to start shopping for new outfits?