Submissive Escorts

We Asked the Submissive Escorts and These Are Their Four Favourite Terms

For many years, submissive escorts have used different terms or  "codes" to promote their services to clients because while it's entirely legal to offer escort services, soliciting them in public may easily get a submissive escort into trouble. Escort lingo has also become the norm for submissive escorts when transacting business. So, we asked some of our top submissive escorts and these are four of their favourite terms:

Girlfriend experience (GFE)

Who doesn't dream of being a girlfriend anyway? While this doesn't entirely mean dating your client, it covers all the basic things that you'll likely do when you're in a relationship with him. As a submissive escort, you'll treat your client as your man, which includes hugging and kissing him, and of course, sharing an intimate experience together.

Pornstar experience

This is a favourite for many submissive escorts because it allows them to live out their pornstar fantasies and they get paid more by doing it. If a client wants the pornstar experience, it means that he's expecting a show like the ones he sees in those porn videos. Yes, that includes the moans, the moves and the outfits.

Oral WithOut (OWO)

As a submissive escort, you're expected to go down on your client at some point in your appointment. Oral WithOut is just basically doing oral without protection. Most submissive escorts prefer this because who likes the taste of latex anyway?

Deep French Kissing (DFK)

All submissive escorts know that French kissing doesn't always come with the escort service package. In fact, some clients could have the wildest sex with their submissive escorts without touching lips. But if your client wants a more intimate experience, he might want to ask for Deep French Kissing, which is basically just kissing passionately. Just make sure that your client doesn't have any mouth sores or halitosis, which are big red flags. Being a submissive escort is definitely a fun and exciting experience. Whatever your client wants, remember that you always have the right to say no if you're not comfortable doing it.