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Seducing a Client: Tips Every Slim Escort Needs to Learn About

Men are sexual human beings, that is a fact. But while it doesn't take much to get your client in the mood for some private time, you may still find it challenging to deal with some men during appointments. In fact, being a slim escort doesn't always guarantee that you'll have a 100% success rate at satisfying your clients. So, if you're looking to improve your performance as a slim escort and be one of the best in the business, make sure you follow these tips to seducing your client:

Add wow factor to your outfit with proper posture.

A lot of slim escorts make the mistake of thinking that as long as they wear a sexy outfit, they'll easily look seductive to clients. But while a sexy dress helps to make you look attractive to a man, most clients would agree that nothing still beats a slim escort who knows how to carry herself well. Proper posture is very important in seducing a client. Just keep your chin up and your shoulders back, and make eye contact while engaging in a good conversation with your client.

Leave some to the imagination.

Most slim escorts would think that they have to bare a lot to look sexy and seductive. But the truth is, men actually love their slim escort to be a little more covered than the typical escort. Leave some to the imagination by choosing dresses that flatter your figure but still cover you up enough to make the client wonder what you would look like once he takes it all off.

Take advantage of body language.

If you're going to be a successful slim escort, you really have to master the art of using your body language to seduce your client. Start by making sure that you're looking into your client's eyes while he's talking. You should also be more aware of where you place your hands and you cannot forget about that hair flip that gets men every time. The art of seduction is something that you should learn as a slim escort because it will be one of your strongest tools for success in the industry.