Adventurous Escorts

The Three Important Rules Every Adventurous Escort Should Live By

You've always known that you wanted to be one of the popular adventurous escorts in town. But now that you're already one, you're starting to realise that being successful in this industry isn't as easy as it looks. You face tough competition on a daily basis, so you really need to be wise with your choices.

Here are three important rules that you should live by to be a successful adventurous escort:

You are your own boss.

The first and most important rule that all adventurous escorts live by is to always take control of their business. Whether you work with an agency or as a freelancer, it's very important to never put yourself in a situation that you're not comfortable with.

Some adventurous escorts would feel that they have to do everything for their clients, but that shouldn't be the case. You can always say no if you feel that a client is taking advantage of you or if you feel unsafe during the appointment.

Good hygiene is crucial.

All adventurous escorts know the importance of good hygiene, especially since clients are becoming more critical about their adventurous escorts being clean and hygienic. Aside from taking a shower before and after appointments, you should also bring feminine wipes, sanitizer, body spray and other personal hygiene products. Of course, you can't forget to bring a condom so clients have no excuse to go bareback with you.

Health is wealth.

Being intimate with clients means putting yourself at risk for STDs and other transmitted diseases. But you can still enjoy your career as an adventurous escort while keeping yourself healthy.

For one, it's very important to have yourself checked by your doctor regularly so you can get all the necessary vaccinations to protect yourself against STDs. You should also practice healthy eating and good exercise to keep yourself in good shape for many years.

Being one of the adventurous escorts in town means you get to live a life that some women can only dream of. From a good salary to frequent travels, you'll surely have the time of your life if you live by these three rules during your career.