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3 Lessons Every Gentleman Can Learn From Fifty Shades of Grey

Escorts for spanking and their clients have watched the film that took the topic of sexual pleasure to the big screen, and it was all worth it. Fifty Shades of Grey was a big hit not only because of how it showcased a different kind of love story, one that all escorts for spanking would like to experience, but also because of these three lessons that every gentleman can learn about being better in bed:

Focus on your escort and that moment with her.

When you hire an escort for spanking, you'll only get a few hours to spend with her, so make it count. In the movie, Christian was highly single minded when it came to Anastasia. He focused on her and wanted to share every pleasure with her. Do the same with your escort for spanking and you'll surely be rewarded with the best experience of your life.

Don't be afraid to talk about your sexual desires.

Christian has always been unapologetic about his sexual desires, especially with Anastasia. Lucky for you, you can also do the same with escorts for spanking. In fact, these escorts want you to be open about your deepest sexual desires so they know exactly how to satisfy your needs. So, go ahead and bring that inner Christian Grey out.

Be the romantic that every girl dreams of.

A lot of women love Christian's character not only for his billions and chiseled torso but because he is the romantic that every girl dreams of dating. Although you're paying your escort for spanking, you can always be that dream guy to her. You don't have to take her to helicopter rides or spend a weekend in a luxurious villa with her. You can be romantic to your escort for spanking by treating her to a nice dinner, surprising her with flowers and giving her a bigger tip.  

Christian Grey portrayed the perfect gentleman who knows exactly what he wants. You can also do the same with your escort for spanking even if only for the time that you have together.